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Useful Links

These links are excellent sources of information on Web design, software applications, and techniques. Links Updated March 27, 2017

Web Design
Research Based Web Design and Usability Guidelines is an excellent resource for designers and those wanting to use a design service (U.S. Gov. site).

Arts and Letters Daily is a classic resource (linking) page design, well edited, easy to use, and it loads very quickly. Note how the columns adjust when you view it with less than a full screen window. The content is very high quality--I have never found a "bad" or "pay" link on this page in 10+ years of viewing!
Note: Sadly, the founder, Denis Dutton just passed away on Dec. 28, 2010, at the tender age of 66. As of March, 2017, the site continues in the same format.

The University of Alaska at Fairbanks has a good online tutorial for website developement and other online publishing.

Web Pages that Suck
Just in case you haven't seen enough already!

Digital Photography & Graphic Arts
Color Matters covers color theory, perception, and other cool stuff

Digital Photography tutorials for beginners thru advanced users.

Well Medicated has fun Photoshop tutorials. Try one!

Links to a wide range (amateur to pro) of articles on digital imaging
Thanks MEL !

Since support for "Open Office" has ended, I recommend Libre Office as a good open-source office software word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It can be downloaded and used free of charge for any purpose.

Teamviewer is a free, easy to use application which allows users to share computers, using the internet. It is great for demonstrations, tutoring, troubleshooting, and other types of training. If you use it for profit, a commercial version is required.

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